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Clinically Proven Allergen Avoidance Therapy
A practical, patient-centered approach to clinically proven allergen avoidance therapy.

Until now, effective allergen avoidance therapies required
significant lifestyle changes on the part of the patient.
Often, the expense and difficulty of implementing
effective avoidance would lead to patient frustrations
and problems with compliance.

The PureZone personal air filtration system offers an
effective natural allergy avoidance treatment that
is affordable and doesn't require a lifestyle change on
the part of the patient. The PureZone system employs a
HEPA filter air purifier in a unique way, delivering purified air
to a patient's breathing zone while he or she sleeps.

A clinically proven natural allergy avoidance therapy,

In a randomized placebo controlled cross-over clinical trial, the PureZone personal air filtration system was shown to reduce (>99.99%) airborne allergens in the breathing zone for all bedroom environments. These exposure reductions led to significant improvements in nocturnal nasal and ocular allergy symptoms (P<.001) and quality of life (P<.001) for the active versus placebo device. Significant nocturnal symptom reductions versus placebo were demonstrated after the first night of use and were maintained for the duration of treatment; these reductions resulted in meaningful improvements in sleep quality (P=0.005).

Clinical Efficacy Data

The PureZone system is easy to use and effective in any bedroom

As a stand-alone therapy, the PureZone system is easy to for patients to setup and it adapts to any bed style or bedroom environment. The air module can be positioned on either side of the bed and comes with options for bed-rail attachment. The air module comes with several color options in the package to match any bedroom décor. Patients like the comfort of the soothing airflow form the ultra-quiet air module, which provides a remote with multiple fan speeds and heater settings.

Patients experience effective night-time protection

and natural allergy avoidance with the PureZone system without stripping their bedrooms, without removing their pets, without having to part with the things they love.

Your patients can experience the benefits of natural allergy avoidance therapy without the frustrations they may have encountered in the past.

Learn about the PureZone personal air filtration system

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