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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the PureZone system protect me from allergens?

The system uses HEPA filtration, the same technology used in hospitals to remove surgical contaminants and germs from the air, to eliminate >99.99% of allergens from air that is delivered to your breathing zone. The clean allergen-free air displaces airborne allergens from your breathing zone and prevents you from inhaling them. To learn more see the PureZone system section.

If I don't remove allergen sources from my bedroom, how is the PureZone system able to protect me from the allergens?

Three things must happen before your nose and eyes produce allergy symptoms.

1. Allergens must become airborne

2. You must inhale the allergens

3. Your airway needs to be exposed to the allergens

The PureZone system doesn't prevent allergens from becoming airborne in the bedroom, but it does prevent you from inhaling them by protecting your breathing zone. If you don't inhale the allergens, you don't have the symptoms.

Why don't traditional air purifiers, even high quality room HEPA filters, work well to protect me from allergen exposures?

High quality room HEPA filters do a good job eliminating allergens (>99.97%) from the air that passes through them. By the time the air reaches you it has become re-contaminated by allergen and pollutant sources in the room because the outflow from a room HEPA filtration unit is simply too far away from your breathing zone to provide effective protection from airborne allergens.

Why don't dust mite encasements work well to protect me from allergen exposures?

Dust mites live in bedding and nearly every soft surface in the bedroom. Encasement of an individual item, such as the box spring or pillow, only prevent allergen emissions from one source among many. Dust mite allergen emissions from carpeting, furniture, bedding, and even stuffed animals are often sufficient to cause symptoms.

My doctor has told me that I need to get rid of my pet. With the PureZone system, do I have to follow his or her advice?

You should always follow your doctor's advice to the best of your ability. However, we may suggest that you ask your doctor if he or she thinks it would be appropriate to try the PureZone system first before having to make such a decision.

Why does the PureZone system work to reduce asthma symptoms? I thought it was an allergen avoidance device.

The PureZone system is an allergen avoidance device, but allergens affect more than just allergies. Allergens are among a number of potent asthma triggers such as tobacco smoke, cold air, and viral infections. The avoidance of allergens can prevent asthma attacks. To learn more about the role of allergens as asthma triggers.

Do I need to use a special allergen-free pillow with the PureZone system?

No. Use your favorite pillow, the pillow you like best. The PureZone system has a dust mite pillow encasement barrier that protects you from any allergens in the pillow.

I have a queen sized or king sized PureZone pillow case and want to use a standard sized pillow. Can I do this and expect the PureZone system to work correctly.

Yes. You can use a standard sized pillow with a larger pillow case and expect the system to operate properly, but the pillow case may not fit the pillow as well as you would like it to.

I have a standard sized PureZone Pillow case and want to use a queen or king sized pillow. Can I do this?

No. Using a pillow that is too large for the pillow case is likely to rip the seams and void the warranty on the PureZone pillow case.

Will the PureZone system help me reduce my allergy or asthma medication usage?

The PureZone system has not been proven in clinical trials to reduce medication usage, but the system has been proven to reduce allergy symptoms. If you are taking medication in response to the allergy symptoms, fewer symptoms could mean that you need less medication to control them. In un-controlled marketing trials, users have reported reductions in night-time and morning asthma and allergy medication usage.

Is the PureZone system noisy?

The PureZone system was designed with a specially engineered impeller to provide ultra-quiet operation and a white noise signature to avoid any annoyance due to “tone-pitches.”

Can I mount the PureZone system to a bunk bed?

We recommend that you do not mount the PureZone system to any elevated beds. Please use the PureZone system at floor level only.

What are the common indoor allergens that I should worry about?

See our section on common allergens.

Why does the PureZone air module have a warming option?
The PureZone system was designed to provide a cooling effect in the summer and a warming effect in the winter because users enjoy these comfort options. Many use the PureZone system instead of their electric blankets in the winter and use the PureZone system to reduce their night-time air conditioning use in the summer

If my air module stops working, what do I do?

First, unplug the air module for 10 seconds to cycle the power. Second, plug the unit back in and try to operate the unit. If the unit still does not work, call customer service at 1-877-PURE-977.

Where did the idea for the PureZone system come from?

Dr. Scott Augustine, a medical device designer and entrepreneur, came up with the technology several years ago when he was researching ways to protect his family from night-time allergen exposures. To see the whole story watch the video.

Why should I worry about allergies or asthma affecting my quality of sleep?

Allergy and asthma symptoms are worst at night because our bodies' natural defenses are down while we sleep, and because we are in bedroom environments full of potent allergen sources. Nasal congestion from allergies leads to sleep disordered breathing while asthma attacks that occur at night cause awakenings that can be severe enough to require hospitalization.

Can I use a fan (floor or ceiling) while using the PureZone system?

We do not recommend that you use any type of fan because strong air currents can defeat the protective breathing zone.

Can I wash the pillow case?
Yes, but make sure to remove the filter because that cannot be washed.

Can I wash the filter?

No. Washing the filter will destroy it through rendering the charged fibers inactive.

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