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How to Maintain your PureZone?To maintain your PureZone Personal Air Filtration System and ensure its performance, we recommend the following:

  • Replace the filter every 1500 hours of operation (6 months). The air module has a filter change indicator that can help you determine when 1500 hours of operation have elapsed.

  • Replace the dual chamber pillow case after 100 washings (2 years) or if it becomes damaged.

  • Check the pre filter (located on the front of the unit under the PureZone emblem) for dust buildup monthly. If dust buildup occurs, just remove the pre filter and wash it under cold tap water.
If you have questions about the PureZone system or its use, answers to most common questions can be found in the frequently asked questions section. The instructions for use, found in the product box, is another good source of information that can answer many common questions. Otherwise you can contact a PureZone representative at 1-877-PURE-977.

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