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Media SpotlightBy offering proven relief to allergy and asthma sufferers, the PureZone personal air filtration system often receives attention in the media.

Editors have recognized the newsworthiness of the PureZone system for its effectiveness and its unique approach to providing relief. To see coverage of the PureZone system, select any of the following articles.

Press Releases and News Articles


HEPA filter pillow system provides particle-free zone in hotel room trials
A white paper detailing the effectiveness of the PureZone system in reducing allergens in hotel room environments.

PureZone personal air filtration system increases guest satisfaction at the Kahler Hotel, connected to the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minn.

PureZone Technologies to be featured on 21st Century Health televsion series. Announcement of PureZone Technologies appearing on CNBC and Fox Business Network.

PureZone Media Contact

Susie Schaefer

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Product Reviews & Videos


PureZone Product Demonstration (5:57)
See what makes the system so effective at relieving nighttime allergy and asthma symptoms.

How the PureZone System Works (1:13)
An animated explanation of how the system creates an allergen-free breathing zone.

PureZone Clinically Proven (:57)
Dr. Allan Stillerman reviews the system's successful performance in a recent clinical trial.

Why the PureZone System is Different (1:40)
Does the whole bedroom have to be allergen free, or just the breathing zone?

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