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Night Allergy Relief
Room air filters and bedding encasements offer only partial allergen removal and are often ineffective.

It is crucial for people who are sensitized to allergens to concentrate on night-time allergen avoidance:
  • Our bodies' natural defenses are impaired at night
  • Bedroom environments are the greatest source of allergens
    in the home
  • Allergy and asthma symptoms at night interfere with sleep

Effective night asthma and allergy relief is best achieved when airborne allergens are totally eliminated from your breathing zone.

Removing just one source with dust mite bedding, for example, isn't adequate. Dust mite covers for your pillows, alone won't produce a noticeable result. Trying a room air filter probably won't help much either.

A truly hypoallergenic bedroom is a room devoid of all allergen sources and reservoirs including soft materials like bedding, carpets, and draperies and pets.

The PureZone personal air filtration system is a simple choice that focuses on where you need to eliminate these allergens - your breathing zone - while you sleep!



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