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Return Information 30-night risk-free trial return information

If you are not completely satisfied with your PureZone system, simply contact a PureZone representative at 1-877-PURE-977 to set up a return merchandise authorization (RMA). If you purchased the PureZone system from a clinic, please contact us and not the clinic you purchased the unit at. We directly handle all 30-night risk-free trial returns from website and clinic purchases.

Before calling a representative, be sure to have the following information available to facilitate processing your RMA:
  • If the PureZone system was purchased on the website:
    • Purchasing person’s name as entered on the web
    • Billing address
    • Mailing address
    • PureZone system serial number (found on air module)

  • If the PureZone system was purchased at a clinic:
    • Name of the clinic where purchase was made
    • Date of purchase
    • PureZone system serial number (found on air module)

Also, please be ready to describe the reason(s) for the returning the product – this will help us provide better customer service in the future. The PureZone representative will collect this information from you and help you schedule a pickup time or drop off area for shipping the unit back to PureZone Technologies, LLC. Please have the return item addressed to PureZone Technologies, with RMA # written as the top address line as follows :

RMA ______________
PureZone Technologies, LLC
6581 City West Parkway
Eden Prairie MN 55344

Information specific to 30-night risk-free trial:

  • We will cover all return shipping costs
  • We will refund your purchase 14 business days after receipt

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