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Why It's Different
A 99.97% allergen-free breathing zone makes the PureZone system an effective home allergy and asthma treatment.

When comparing home allergy and asthma
remedies, the PureZone personal air filtration system
stands out because it offers proven relief of symptoms, with few compromises.

How can the PureZone system succeed when alternative allergy and asthma treatments fail? In short, because the PureZone system protects you from all allergen sources by delivering clean air directly to your breathing zone the space around your head without recontamination.

The PureZone personal air filtration system provides effective treatment of allergies and asthma in the home.

Elimination of allergen exposures are needed before you experience symptom reductions

The PureZone personal air filtration system is proven to eliminate 99.97% of allergens in the breathing zone. That's because clean air is delivered directly to the space around your head it doesn't have a chance to get recontaminated.

The unique delivery of the clean air to your breathing zone also repels airborne allergens from any source. This home allergy treatment creates a barrier around your head that protects you from allergens.

Alternative allergy treatments don't measure up to the PureZone system.

Room HEPA filters aren't effective home allergy remedies

Air cleaned by room HEPA filters becomes contaminated before it reaches you, making this option ineffective as either an allergy and asthma treatment or natural sleep aid.

Dust Mite encasements provide incomplete protection, making them an unsatisfactory alternative allergy or asthma treatment

Dust mite encasements, alone, only protect you from one among many sources of dust mite allergens. For an encasement/elimination strategy to work, every source of dust mite allergens not just your pillow must be encased or eliminated. This means stripping the bedroom to the bare floors and walls. This is expensive and, for most, impractical.

Clinical trials show room HEPA filters and dust mite encasement provide no benefit in home treatment of allergies or asthma

Multiple clinical trials have shown that HEPA room air cleaners and dust mite encasements provide no benefit as alternative allergy or asthma treatments and natural sleep aids. The reason is, the moderate reduction of exposures to allergens that they provide are not beneficial.

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