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About PureZone

The PureZone Mission
PureZone Technologies is committed to providing clean air where it matters most - in your breathing zone.

The PureZone History
PureZone Technologies, LLC is focused on providing clinically validated health care solutions for the millions of people seeking pure, contaminant-free air to breathe. Our patent-pending technology provides a platform for a wide range of products that control air quality in the localized region around a user's nose and mouth - the breathing zone. The PureZone personal air filtration system is a nighttime allergy relief device that makes any bedroom into a hypo-allergenic sleep zone.

PureZone has secured the exclusive rights to commercialize a series of innovative allergen elimination products developed by Augustine BioMedical + Design, LLC (ABD) and its inventor Dr. Scott Augustine.  Dr. Augustine has been awarded over 130 US patents and was named the 2002 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the Medical Technology and Life Sciences category.

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